If you are looking for quick and best possible price for missing teeth, Bridgework would be the most appropriate solution for you


To close a gap where a single tooth or multiple teeth are missing along the same row.

What is Dental Bridgework ?

You can replace one, two, three or four missing teeth along the same row with Metal Porcelain or Zirconium porcelain crown bridge The existing teeth, on each side of the missing one, hold the crown.. The teeth either side of the missing one are prepared in order to anchor the Bridge. A Dental Bridge is a fixed non-removable remedy for your missing teeth unlike Denture, which is removable. if you have single tooth missing, you would need a 3 Tooth Dental Bridge to close up the gap. If you have 2 teeth missing teeth along the same row, you will need a 4 Tooth Dental Bridge.

If you are not sure if a Dental Bridgework or a Dental Implant is the most appropriate solution for your missing teeth, please contach with us and that we will be more than happy to discuss options with you to help you make the best choice.